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Greek Baking School
Dionysis Alertas
Haris Papalitsas

Greek Baking School



Greek Baking School was created to offer comprehensive and fast-track seminars on baking, food technology and bakery marketing, so as to truly help professionals to stand out. The purpose of the School is to train professionals by providing all the technical and theoretical knowledge that will help them meet modern challenges.

The School's curriculum is structured into three training pillars:

Baking and Bakery Pastry
In this pillar, students specialise in baking methods and techniques (e.g. Slow Maturation, Texture, German Breads, French Baking etc.), learn about all types of flour and cereal and their properties, and specialize in production technologies for dough, puff and other flour-based products. 

Food Technology
What is the role of temperature in bread preparation? Why is it important to know about HACCP, and how to properly write a nutrition label? All these questions are answered in the seminars of this training pillar, since this sort of knowledge is indispensable for a foodstuff professional today.  

Bakery Financial Management and Marketing
Seminars in this pillar include Costing and Sales Promotion Strategies. These will help professional bakers advance their bakeries by correctly positioning products on shelves, but will also teach them how to correctly calculate and manage the finances of their business. These seminars will teach the right way to communicate with customers, the proper attitude of the salesperson behind the counter, as well as the key communication and marketing tools that will make a bakery stand out.

Ultra-modern Training Hall

Greek Baking School is situated within the premises of Loulis Mills, in Keratsini, Attica. 
A lot of love and hard work has been put in so as to create a warm, beautiful and friendly environment, where students can enrich their knowledge. 
The teaching hall has an amphitheatrical layout, is equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual systems (cameras, speakers, projectors, etc.), so that students can get the complete picture of what is going on during class. 
Apart from that, the hall is also equipped with the most advanced baking machinery (kneaders, ovens, etc.), enabling lecturers to create the products they need during their seminars, with a guaranteed excellent result.