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Members of the Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors

Nikolaos Loulis son of Konstantinos, Chairman - Executive member

Nikos Loulis

Mr Loulis was born in Larissa in 1986.

He studied at the Carroll School of Management of the Boston College where he majored in accounting and finance and graduated in 2008.

In August 2009 he commenced studies at the Swiss Milling School (SMS) and graduated in February 2010 with a "Milling Technologist SMS" Diploma. In 2018 he completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA) at INSEAD. He speaks English and German.

Since 2010 he is the Chairman of the Board of LOULIS MILLS SA as well as the subsidiaries of the Loulis group.

He is Vice President of the Hellenic Association of Flour Manufacturers as well as a Member of the General Council of the Association of Greek Enterprises & Industries (SEV).


Elisavet Kapelanou-Alexandri, daughter of Spyros, Vice Chairwoman - Independent non-executive member

Ελισάβετ Κεπαλάνου

Elisavet Kapelanou – Alexandri is a Supreme Court Lawyer, member of the Athens Bar Association, Reg. No. 10366.       

From the acquisition of the status of the lawyer (1983) until today, being a lawyer at the Supreme Court, she practices the profession of the lawyer (trial lawyer) - in parallel with her activity as legal advisor in Greek commercial companies.

She has been a legal advisor to many companies of all kinds, but mainly societes anonymes, listed and non-listed which, she has also represented before the Greek Courts, at a case by case basis.

She was external cooperator of the "AUXILIARY FUND " (January 1997 - December 2002) and Legal Advisor of the Panhellenic Federation of Publishers - Booksellers (POEB) (January 1993 – June 2002). In this capacity, she actively participated in the creation of the National Book Center (EKEVI), in the year 1994, aiming at the strengthening and promoting of books in Greece.

She was external cooperator of the National Bank of Greece in real estate cases and as its legal representative in many of its court cases (January 1992 – May 1996).

Mrs. Kapelanou – Alexandri holds a Law degree from the University of Athens Law School and speaks English and Italian.


Nikolaos Fotopoulos, son of Sryridon, Chief Executive Officer – Executive member


Mr Fotopoulos was born in 1960.

He graduated from the Athens University of Economics and Business in 1983 and holds an MBA from Universitaet Mannheim, Germany (1986).
In 1992 he was appointed as the Manager of the Athens Branch at the "KYLINDROMYLOS LOULI SA" Company and in 1996 he became the company's Director of Finance.
Since 1999 he has been the President and CEO of the company SAINT GEORGE MILLS  S.A. until 2004, when the company was absorbed by the parent company LOULIS MILLS  SA.

He speaks German and English.

From 2001 until today he is Vice President and CEO of LOULIS MILLS SA. He is a member of the Boards of Directors of all the subsidiaries of the Loulis Group in Greece and Abroad.


Spyros Theodoropoulos, son of Ioannis, Non-executive member


Spyros Theodoropoulos is the founder of CHIPITA SA, one of the leading companies in the world in the bakery snacks sector, in which he remained in the position of CEO as from 1989 until 2021. He is a graduate of Athens University of Economics and Business. In 1976, he started his career with a small family business named Recor SA, producing dairy products. He became the General Manager of Aligel SA, an importing company of confectionery and ice cream products, in 1981. After 5 years, he became the General Manager of Interia, a company producing hazelnut cream with significant export activities. During the same year, he acquired 50% of Chipita, a company producing snacks and in 1989 he took full control of the company by acquiring the remaining 50%.

In 1990, the Eurohellenic Fund (Olayan, De Benedetti, Alpha Finance and Titan) invested in Chipita coinciding with the beginning of the croissant production. The company was listed in the Athens Stock Exchange in the year 1994. For the next 16 years a large variety of new products was introduced and exported to many countries. Furthermore, Chipita established plants in Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Russia, USA, Slovakia and developed new ventures in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Malaysia, Mexico and India. In 2006 Chipita merged with Delta to form Vivartia SA. One year later, MIG acquired Vivartia. From 1/9/2006 until 15/4/2010 Mr Theodoropoulos was the Managing Director of Vivartia SA. During the summer of 2010 Mr Theodoropoulos along with the Olayan group and other Greek investors, reacquired Chipita.

In 2021 Chipita accomplished a milestone deal for the Greek food market and was acquired by the global giant Mondelez. Spyros Theodoropoulos acquired 100% of the cured meat company Nikas. Today, he is the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV). In the past, he served as president of the Athens Stock Exchange Listed Companies Association, vice president of Greek Federation of Industries, vice president of Helex and member of the Board of Directors of National Bank of Greece.


Gianluca Fabbri, son of Bruno, Non-executive member


Gianluca Fabbri is an economist and certified internal auditor (CIA certification), with over 20 years of experience in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), agriculture and oil industries. He has an excellent reputation in the financial sector and, in particular, in the establishment, management and advisory support of companies in the context of complex assignments (mergers and acquisitions, restructuring). He enjoys international recognition for his thorough knowledge of the Sarbanes – Oxley Act and compliance requirements in both International Accounting Standards (IFRS) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (USGAAP). He has contributed to the improvement of financial performance, increased productivity and strengthened internal control in the companies where he has been an executive.

From 2016 until today, he has been GROUP CFO & Acting Group CEO at the Aldahra Group of the United Arab Emirates, where, among other things, he has handled important land acquisitions in Europe and the USA, the conclusion of the largest agricultural land deal in the EU (2018), the execution of a merger at pan-European level, the application of forecasting methodology, the strategic planning of a 5-year development plan and the application of zero base budgeting and transfer pricing methodologies. Between 2009-2016 he served as CFO at Heinz Africa, Middle East & Turkey, CEO at Heinz Pakistan and President of Heinz Nigeria and Pakistan, with notable achievements handling, from a financial perspective, the corporate transformation of Heinz in Africa, the Middle East and Turkey, the significant improvement of a series of procedures (financial, tax, audit, risk management, etc.), the merger of Kraft - Heinz in Africa and the Middle East and the expansion of business activities in Nigeria, with the development of a new business model with high profits from the first year.


Konstantinos Macheras, son of Dimitrios, Independent non-executive member


Konstantinos Macheras, Chairman of IELKA, was born in Athens, Greece in 1953 he is married and has one daughter. He studied Business Administration at the University of Piraeus and he obtained a degree in MBA from the Roosevelt University of Chicago in U.S.A. (Business Administration & Marketing). He speaks English, Italian and Dutch. He started his professional career in the Retailing area in the U.S.A., as a Purchasing Manager in the Quality Super Market company at Chicago. He had been a dynamic executive for over 14 years in the Mars Inc., since 1982 in Holland- Marketing-Sales-Export Sales- as well as General Manager in Greece and Italy. He had also served as General Manager of Chipita International (1996-97). Konstantinos Macheras was Executive Vice President of Delhaize Group & CEO of Southeastern Europe and Indonesia for 19 years. He was a member of the Board of Directors at EASE (Association of Greek Executive Officers), SEET (Association of Greek Food Enterprises), EEDE (Hellenic Management Association) and since 1999 President of IELKA (Research Institute of Retail Consumer Goods) ,NED (non-executive directors club ) and member of the “FUTURE LEADERS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM” in Greece. Today is member of the Board at IOBE (Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research )LION AND TURTLE and FUTURE LEADERS.

In 2005 he was named Officer in the order of King Leopold II by the King of Belgium Albert II. In April 2009 Konstantinos Macheras was nominated “Manager of the Year 2008” by the Hellenic Management Association. In 2009 was also nominated as “Retailer of the year” and in 2010 as the first CEO on CSR issues. In 2010 he was also awarded as the “Retailer of the decade”.


Georgios Taniskidis, son of Ioannis, Independent non-executive member


Having 30 years of experience in the Banking Sector, Mr. George Taniskidis holds the position of Optima bank’s Chairman.

He commenced his career as an associate attorney with the law firm of Rogers & Wells in New York. Upon his return to Greece, he joined Motor Oil Hellas.

From 2002 until June 2010, as Chairman and Managing Director of Millennium Bank Greece, Mr. Taniskidis led the Bank from concept to fruition. It has to be stated that Millennium Bank achieved its goals much earlier than expected. In the same period he led the acquisition of a banking institution in Turkey which was then renamed to Millennium Bank Turkey. He subsequently served as Member of its Board of Directors.

From 2003 to 2005, he was a Member of the Board of Directors of Visa International Europe.

Today he serves as Member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Banks Association.

Mr. Taniskidis holds a Law degree from the University of Athens Law School, having graduated first in his class and a Master of Laws (LL.M.) from the University of Pennsylvania Law School.