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Our People

Our People

Our people contribute more than anything to the success of our company. At "Loulis Mills" we have created a family-like environment; that's why you will often meet second and third generation employees. We strive to ensure that every one feels as part of a team that has common goals and continuously promotes the sense of partnership.

For this reason special emphasis has been given to mutual respect, trust, and the uniqueness of each employee. We invest in training and development of our employees, we make sure to comply with the Health and Safety laws, while we also offer excellent working conditions.

  • Abolition of the 50 kilo bags and sale of professional products in 25 kilo bags
  • Continuous staff training and development
  • Establishment of weekly volunteering & blood bank
  • Free diagnostic tests and check up
  • Company’s provision of group health insurance policies
  • 71% of employees are from local communities