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Responsibility to Society

Our mill has been a part of Greek society for over 230 years. Historically over the years, the philosophy of the Loulis family has been to support and strengthen the community, of which it after all continues to be an active part. 

The Loulis family's responsibility to society can be traced as far back as 1870 when Mr Ioannis Loulis then donated £ 50,000 to construct the Konitsa Bridge in Ioannina, which in his day was a major and necessary project for transportation and trade in Epirus. 

We steadfast today to the same philosophy, as responsibility to society is our priority. We stand by and constantly support many resting homes, charitably organisations and other public welfare institutions. 

We have furthermore established an original bread museum with exhibits surrounding the "wheat-flour-bread" chain. An essential part of this exhibit is the unique collection of 500 "prosfora" (altar bread) seals, which is the largest in the world. This museum is open to the schools that visit the factory. In this way, we want to emphasize to the children the importance of bread in the social and religious life of the Greeks over the years.


You can contact us at for any further information around Social Corporate Responsibility